The Rock White Collar Boxing

46 Bouts

The Rock White Collar Boxing

92 Boxers

The Rock White Collar Boxing

£65+ Raised

The Rock White COLLAR

Craig Culkin welcomes you to the ultimate White Collar Boxing event in Jersey. We hosted our 1st event in June 2014 and the event has now become one of the best nights of entertainment in the calendar year.

Your Bucket List

Always wanted to take part in an adventuress challenge? The Rock White Collar is your Mount Everest, your Marathon or Parachute Jump all rolled into one. From inactivity to RING WALK in the space of 10 weeks we promise walking out in front of 700 people will most likely be one of the most exhilarating things you experience.

Re-Shape Yourself

The 10-week training camp will push you to the limits both physically and mentally but will reshape your BODY in the process. If you have ever wanted motivation to GET FIT and LOSE WEIGHT then look no further than the Rock White Collar.


Boxing is a sport that fosters discipline and respect. You will train as a team and battle individually against another competitor. At the end of the experience you will have forged a bond with 20 other individuals and remain friends for life.


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